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Project Portal

An online portal is a website that provides multiple functions via a password-protected web page. A CRAFT Project Portal is this type of web tool for the use by a CRAFT team.

The CRAFT Project Portal is a project-specific and customized application that serves a variety of functions, from administrative purposes to CRAFT-specific activities.  Some of the CRAFT Project Portal functions include:

  • The CRAFT Wizard
  • GIS Viewer
  • A document library that allows CRAFT team members to upload and share documents. Areas within this library include CRAFT-specific sections for sharing products and deliverables, such as data, objectives, an objectives hierarchy, a conceptual model, and Bayesian Belief Networks. Other administrative products can be shared as well, including presentations, meeting minutes and agendas, as well as other project-specific documents.
  • A visualization library for photos, maps and other relevant visualizations.
  • An action item application that allows users to assign tasks with deadlines to other team members.
  • A team list for tracking team member contact information.
  • A calendar of team events and notable deadlines.
  • A reference manager application that allows team members to keep track of pertinent publications and other references.

Each Portal is specific to a CRAFT team and can be used differently by various groups. Please contact us for information about how to receive training or assistance in using CRAFT for your project.