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Danny C. Lee, Ph.D.

Danny is Director of the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center of the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station in Asheville, NC. Previously, he worked as a Research Ecologist at the Pacific Southwest Research Station, was involved with the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project and the Sierra Nevada Framework where he served as science integration team leader. His interests are in population viability, risk assessment, Bayesian statistics and large-scale assessment and planning.

Steven P. Norman, Ph.D.

Steve works as a Research Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and Pacific Southwest Research Station. His interests include forest history, modeling vegetation dynamics, the fire ecology of uneven-aged forests and fire climatology. He has worked in the northern hardwood forests of Pennsylvania and the eastside pine, mixed -conifer and coast redwood forests of California.

Jim Fox

Jim is Director of the University of North Carolina Asheville's National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC). He works with community groups and policy makers on applying visualization and other tools to assist in making complex decisions related to the "new realities" of climate change, alternative energy, water resources and competitive land use. Previously, he applied risk analysis, decision theory and future scenarios in the oil exploration business.

Karin Lichtenstein

Karin is a Project Manager and Research Scientist for the University of North Carolina Asheville's National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC). Previously, she worked as a Research Coordinator at the University of Georgia's Department of Crop and Soil Science and has her Master's degree from UGA in Geology. She currently manages NEMAC's collaborations with the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station.

Jeffrey G. Borchers, Ph.D.

Jeff is a Research Forester at the Pacific Southwest Research Station. His research interests are in the scientific and social aspects of sustainable forest management. He has worked in the Applegate Adaptive Management Area (Rogue River NF). Jeff has created and facilitated workshops in decision analysis and consulted on strategic planning efforts for forestry organizations in the US and Canada.

Sandra L. Jacobson

Sandy has worked as a wildlife biologist for the USDA Forest Service since 1980 on three national forests at the district and forest levels in California and Idaho. She is currently a boundary spanner at Redwood Sciences Lab. She has planned and worked on numerous prescribed fires as well as wildfire incidents in several overhead, ground and aviation capacities.

Timothy C. Haas, Ph.D.

Tim is an associate professor at the School of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Tim earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University in 1989 and has been developing methods for ecosystem management decision making under uncertainty and the prediction of spatio-temporal environmental processes.